The mission of the Puget Sound Book Artists is to further the knowledge, practice and understanding of the art of the book by means of educational activities including but not limited to lectures, workshops, and exhibits.

PSBA Event Videos:   Can now be viewed by clicking on the YouTube button on the Home Page of the PSBA website.  This will take you directly to the PSBAMedia Channel on YouTube.

Recommended Reading:

  • The Coming of The Book:  The Impact of Printing 1450-1800.  Licien Febvre & Henri-Jean Martin
  • The Book: The Story of Printing and Bookmaking.  Douglas McMurtrie
  • Quick Leather Bindings: Non-Adhesive Binding Volume V.  Keith A. Smith
  • Non-Adhesive Bindings: Exposed Spine Sewings.  Keith A. Smith
  • A History of Illuminated Manuscripts.  Christopher De Hamel
  • The Art of Typewriting. Marvin & Ruth Sackner
  • The Saint John's Bible 
  • Books, Boxes and Portfolios.  Franz Zeier
  • Making Handmade Book.  Alisa Golden
  • Papermaking With Garden Plants & Common Weeds.  Helen Hiebert
  • Japanese Bookbinding.  Kajiro Ikegami
  • Cover to Cover.  Shereen LaPlantz
  • Making Handmade Books. Shereen La Plantz
  • Bound: 15 Beautiful Bookbinding Projects. Rachel Hazell
  • Bookbinding: The Classic Arts & Crafts Manual. Doublas Cockerell
  • The Art of the Fold.  Heidi Kyle and Ulla Warchol

Books on Surface Techniques and Stitchery

  • Stitch, Cloth, Paper and Paint by Angie Hughes
  • Celebrating the Stitch by Barbara Lee Smith
  • Stitch Draw by Rosie James
  • Transforming Fabric by Carolyn A. Dahl
  • Creative Needle Felting by Lyn Slade
  • Creative Stamping With Mixed-Media Techniques by Sherrill Kahn
  • Mixed Media Master Class by Sherrill Kahn
  • Creating With Paint  by Sherrill Kahn
  • The Secret Lives of Color by Kasia St. Clair
  • Surfaces for Stitch by Gwen Hadley
  • Drawn to Stitch by Gwen Hadley
Instructional Video DVDs (orderable):  
  • Boxes for Books by Peter Goodwin
  • The Leather Bound Book by Peter Goodwin

Book Arts Organizations:

  • Book Arts Guild

    This organization was started in 1979 and includes many Seattle and regional book artists.. BAG has hosted hundreds of lectures by major artists from all over the world, coordinated many workshops with master artists and craftspeople, supported exhibitions, and been active in regional book fairs throughout the group's history. Many of the events are held at the University of Washington library.

  • The Guild of Book Workers

    This organization promotes interest in and awareness of the tradition of the book and paper arts by maintaining high standards of workmanship, hosting educational opportunities, and sponsoring exhibits. The Guild publishes many resources including The Guild of Book Workers Journal, GBW Blog and Newsletter that are available to members. The web page provides links to resources and many useful handouts.

  • The Center for Book Arts

    The Center for Book Arts, located in New York City, is committed to exploring and cultivating contemporary aesthetic interpretations of the book as an art object while invigorating traditional artistic practices of the art of the book. The Center seeks to facilitate communication between the book arts community and the larger spheres of contemporary art and literature through exhibitions, classes, public programming, literary presentations, opportunities for artists and writers, publications, and collecting. Founded in 1974, it was the first organization of its kind in the nation.

  • College Book Arts Association

    The College Book Art Association is a non-profit organization fundamentally committed to the teaching of book arts at the college and university level, while supporting such education at all levels, concerned with both the practice and the analysis of the medium. It welcomes as members everyone involved in such teaching and all others who have similar goals and interests. The association aims to engage in a continuing reappraisal of the nature and meaning of the teaching of book arts.

  • San Diego Book Arts

    San Diego Book Arts is an organization dedicated to book arts with over 150 members who are artists, teachers, librarians, students, collectors, and many others. They have a wide variety of free tutorials on their website.

Other Resources:

  • 23 Sandy Gallery
    23 Sandy is a gallery featuring unique & limited edition artist books by a talented roster of artists from around the world. Owned and directed by Erin Mickelson, 23 Sandy is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • Bainbridge Island Museum of Art
    Bainbridge Island Museum of Art has a large collection of artists' books. They hold in-person tours of their artists' books during drop-in hours, and have a wide variety of online book tours available.
  • Bookarts Newsletter
    Published monthly by Sara Bodman of the Centre for Fine Print Research at the University of the West of England, Bristol, UK.
  • Book Arts Web
    This comprehensive web site provides access to myriad of resources including links to book arts organizations, publications, education materials, online exhibitions, blogs, papermaking, letterpress and printing resources, as well as basic copyright information.
  • Booklyn
    Booklyn is an artist-run nonprofit based in Brooklyn. It supports artists and organizations committed to environmental and social justice.
  • Codex
    A foundation supporting the book arts, with an international conference held every two years.
  • Vamp & Tramp
    A vendor of artists’ books, the website provides a listing of current artists and works for purchase.
  • Women's Studio Workshop
    Supporting women in the book and paper arts, this organization offers residencies as well as represents book artists.

Please contact us at  to learn more about the Puget Sound Book Artists or if you have a question about our organization!

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