The mission of the Puget Sound Book Artists is to further the knowledge, practice and understanding of the art of the book by means of educational activities including but not limited to lectures, workshops, and exhibits.

Tax Reform: "Feather Your Nest" or "Trickle Down Economics" by Lynne Olson
"Shubahlup-Grit City" by Angela Yoder
"Bark Beetle Book Vol. XIA and B: Teanaway Log" by Suze Woolf
"Bark Beetle Book, Vol. XIII: Forest Decomposition" by Suze Woolf
"Illuminating Taraxacum officinales" by Jan Ward
"Crow Anting" by Jan Ward
"Triple Play" by Elizabeth Walsh
"Blossoming Verses" by Elizabeth Walsh
"Opening the Mouth of the Dead" by Sandy Tilcock
"All of Him" by Sandy Tilcock
"Signs of the Re-Sis-Stance" by Taylor Cox
"Wings" by Laurie Strong
"Imagining Spring" by Laurie Strong
"The Playful Denizens of the Hellmouth" by Ann Storey
"Land of the Maya: Nature and Culture" by Ann Storey
"Domino Book" by Marilyn Stablein
"Artist Tool Kit" by Marilyn Stablein
"A Blue Thread Runs Through It" by Lynn Skordal
"38" by Lynn Skordal
"Tributary" by Robyn Johnson
"A Work in Progress" by Mary Preston
"Oxford Blues" by Gina Pisello
"Over the Moon" by Gina Pisello
"Philatelic Riddles" by Peter Newland
"line" by Mary M. Ashton
"PO SUM ON: Pressure Points" by MalPina Chan
"Kernow Foremothers: An Homage to the Ferris Women of St. Agnes, Cornwall" by Patricia Chupa
"Consider What's Lost II" by Lucia Harrison
"17 Personal Emergencies" by Kim Izenman
"Random Idea Generator in a Box" by Kathy Dickerson
"Autumn Poems" by Kathy Dickerson
"What We Weave of Elephants" by Kat Gower
"Thursday Night at Bob's" by Jan Dove
"The Horsemen" by Jan Dove CURATORS" CHOICE AWARD
"unpacking" by Isabel Duffy AWARD of EXCELLENCE
"With a Compass, Without a Map" by Bonnie Halfpenny COLLINS MEMORIAL LIBRARY AWARD
"Papermakers Journal" by Deborah Greenwood
"Forming Common Threads" by Mari Eckstein Gower
"Songs of Celestial Navigators" by Mari Eckstein Gower
"Looking Up, Looking Down" by Dorothy McCuistion
"Who Wrote the Book of Love?" by Dorothy McCuistion
"The Packard Book" (View 2) by Gabby Cooksey
"The Packard Book" (View 1) by Gabby Cooksey
"Chronos and Kairos" by Debbi Commodore
"Root, Leaf & Flower" by Catherine-Alice Michaelis
"Fatal Fairy" by Catherine-Alice Michaelis
"Copse" by Carrie Larson
"Body Parts" by Bonnie Julien
"The Blackfeet Nation" by Bonnie Julien
"Sumo Wrestlers on Parade" by John Arbuckle
"Grandpa, the Boy, and the Goat" by John Arbuckle
"Cracks and Patches" by Sally Alger
"All I want for Christmas is..." by Nancy Brones

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