The mission of the Puget Sound Book Artists is to further the knowledge, practice and understanding of the art of the book by means of educational activities including but not limited to lectures, workshops, and exhibits. 

Exhibitions provide opportunities for our members to learn curating and applying for exhibitions.

Annual Members' Exhibitions:  Puget Sound Book Artists is proud to work with Collins Library at the University of Puget Sound to host our annual exhibitions.  Below are links to information about current and past exhibitions.

Current Prospectus for the 2022 PSBA Members' Exhibition 

Puget Sound Book Artists (PSBA) Tenth Annual Members' Exhibition  (August 9 - October 2, 2021)

Puget Sound Book Artists (PSBA) Ninth Annual Members' Exhibition (June 3 – July 31, 2019)

Puget Sound Book Artists (PSBA) Eighth Annual Members' Exhibition  (June 4 – July 27, 2018)

Puget Sound Book Artists (PSBA) Seventh Annual Members' Exhibition  (Summer 2017)

Puget Sound Book Artists (PSBA) Sixth Annual Members' Exhibition (Summer 2016)

Puget Sound Book Artists (PSBA) Fifth Annual Members' Exhibition (Summer 2015)

Puget Sound Book Artists (PSBA) Fourth Annual Members' Exhibition (Summer 2014)

Puget Sound Book Artists (PSBA) Third Annual Member's Exhibition  (Summer 2013)

Supported Exhibitions

In addition to our annual member's exhibition, PSBA has supported a number of exhibitions.

Science Stories:    (In-person exhibition, October 15th 2021 - January 2022)  Science Stories is a unique project that brings together Pacific Northwest Scientists and book artists to create engaging and unique artists' books that offer new ways to interpret science and tell a story.  The website includes videos about each scientists’ research as well as information, images, and videos about each artist book project.. 

All Stitched Up:  An international juried artist book exhibition (September 3rd – December 11th, 2019)  All Stitched Up recognizes and celebrates the work of book artists’ where stitching has become an integral part of the visual design. The call for this exhibition encouraged artists to reflect upon the act of stitching. As stated in the call for this exhibition: To stitch is to join together, to mend, or fasten as with stitches – to sew. To stitch is to bring together fabric, paper, wounds of the body, or cultural divides. Stitching can be an act of healing, hope, practicality, creativity, and revolution.

Transforming Knowledge: Altered Encyclopedias (February 1 – May 20, 2019)  This exhibit features altered encyclopedias made by local artists. We are grateful to the participating artists who have transformed the discarded volumes into new and vibrant works of art that reflect new ideas. The exhibit also features photographs from local photographer Sharon Styer.

Dirt? Scientists, Book Artists, and Writers Reflect on Soil and Our Environment
 (Fall 2015)  In honor of the United Nations International 2015 Year of Soils, The Collins Memorial Library on the campus of University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington agreed to host an interdisciplinary exhibition, Dirt? Scientists, Artists, and Poets Reflect on Soil and Our Environment. On display from August 6 through December 6, 2015, the exhibition featured natural history specimens, and artist books and poems selected from an international call for entries. We challenged the scientists, artists, and poets to make the soil visible. Their work deepens our understanding of how humans think about soil and what we need to do to pass along this precious resource to future generations.


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