The mission of the Puget Sound Book Artists is to further the knowledge, practice and understanding of the art of the book by means of educational activities including but not limited to lectures, workshops, and exhibits.


EXHIBITION at Collins Library 











June 4, 2024–August 1, 2024

Thursday, February 15

Monday, April 1 at Midnight, PDT 

By Monday, April 15th

Saturday, April 20

Saturday, June 1, 1 pm–3 pm

Tuesday, June 4

Thursday, June 6, 4:30 pm–6:30 pm


Thursday, August 1

Friday, August 2 time TBD

After the University of Puget Sound Collins Memorial Library exhibit closes, the exhibition will move to The Daniel J. Evans Library at The Evergreen State College (TESC) for a fall quarter showing, September 29–December 20. You may exhibit your work at the Collins Memorial Library location only or choose to send your work on to TESC as well. The entry form includes space to notify the exhibition committee of your preferences.


As a member of PSBA you are invited to participate in the 13th Annual Members' Exhibition 2024. This year’s suggested theme is Time Travel. As always, you are encouraged to think broadly in your interpretation. You’re free to travel backwards or forwards or even sideways. This can be a personal journey to the past or you can envision a whole world of the future. There are no limits to your imagination. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Visit a period from your past or imagine your future. 
  • Side travel—what if you’d taken another path?
  • Stepping stones—follow the thread of your life from beginning to the present or beyond.
  • Travel to your favorite period in history or prehistory.
  • Travel to the future.
  • Imagine a whole new world. 

    Along with artists' books, this year we are including postcard art as another form of submission but without an entry fee.  Postcards should follow the Time Travel theme. Please consult the Postcard Prospectus for additional information.

    Some members may choose to submit books they are currently working on outside this year’s theme. That is acceptable. 

    Download printable prospectus here! 

    Artists' Books Submission Guidelines

    • Artist must be a current member of PSBA. (If you are a high school or college student, your membership is free this year but you must submit a membership application.)
    • Submitted entries must consist of work dated 2021 or later.
    • Submitted entries may not have been exhibited in a previous PSBA annual exhibit.
    • The artist may submit up to two works with the guarantee that at least one work will be included in the exhibition. Space constraints will determine if more than one work by an artist will be accepted for exhibition. Your first entry should be the piece you would most like to have in the exhibit; your second entry would be your second choice. The curators will do their best to honor your preferences.
    • A $15 entry fee for each submission is payable upon submitting your entry.
      If you are a student, this fee will be waived.
    Note:  Payment for the entry fee and catalog must be received by April 20 to be included in the bulk catalog order.  Please use the PayPal link on the entry form or send your entry fee and optional exhibition catalog order to Belinda Hill, PSBA Treasurer, 20636 O’Connor Rd. SE, Centralia, WA 98531

        Note:  For the exhibition, QR codes can be generated to link to additional information about your artists' book(s). QR codes will be printed in the catalog, in a brochure made available to gallery visitors and/or on display labels. For this purpose you may include a URL in the online submission form, as noted later in the prospectus in both the Video section and List of Information Needed for Submission section. (For general information about creating QR codes, click HERE.)

        Eligible Media 

        Artist’s Books as defined by the artist.  A variety of book concepts is encouraged.

        Awards—chosen by the curatorial team

        • Award of Overall Excellence
        • Award for Thematic Excellence
        • Award for Most Innovative Book Structure
        • Award for Most Original Writing by Book Artist
        • Award for First-Time Entry

          Exhibition Catalog

          A full color exhibition catalog will again be available, featuring a full page dedicated to each exhibiting artist’s work. If you have more than one artist’s book in the exhibit, each will be showcased on its own page. When completing your entry form you will have the opportunity to include a catalog order. This is your ONE TIME OFFER to take advantage of the PSBA pre-order process, when a discount is available due to bulk ordering/shipping. Keep in mind that pre-ordered catalogs are available for IN-PERSON PICKUP ONLY on June 6 at the opening reception. The final cost of the pre-ordered catalogs is based on the size of the bulk order; this generally runs $45–$50 each. To pre-order, complete the online submission form (see below) indicating how many catalogs you wish to pick up and include payment of $45 per catalog with your entry fee. (If the bulk order cost runs higher than $45 per catalog, final balance will be due at pickup. We do not anticipate that the total cost will exceed $50.)


          How to Submit your Entries

          Submission is by online form, which includes sections for one or two artworks. The link to the Formstack Artists' Books Submission Form opens on February 15: Formstack Entry Form

          Entry Completion Tips

          • Use the Entry Form Assistant at the end of this prospectus, which will help you gather all the required information before you begin the online form.
          • Correctly size, edit and name your selected images.
          • The entry form will only accept .jpg files.
          •  If you have uploaded an incorrect file type, your entry will not be accepted when you take the final step and click “submit” You will be redirected back to correct the error.
          • Prepare your narrative responses in a word processing program. This will allow you to utilize the spell-check and character count features of that program.
          • Several of the entry form fields have limited character space allotted. (This is not the same as word count.) A blank space is counted as a character.
          • The online form contains a convenient “save and resume later” feature.
          Note: Be aware your entry form is not submitted until you get to the Final Step” page and click the submit button. It may take up to several minutes for the submitted form to process. You will receive a confirmation email that includes a copy of your submission.


            • Submitted images must be of high quality, high resolution and sized to enable quality reproduction.
            • You can submit up to three digital photographs (jpg) of each book you are entering in the show. We suggest 300 dpi images that are no less than 10 inches in the longest dimension.
            • Books must be photographed on a light neutral gray or white background with no odd seams or shadows. Only one view per image; composite images are not acceptable. These images will be used for curating the show and may be used in the catalog. The catalog designer may request edits as needed.
            • Each image sized according to the above conventions will likely range from 1MB–4 MB.  (The maximum upload size is 25 MB per entry, not per image.)
            • Your digital image files should correspond to the following naming convention:
            Entry #1 – yourlastname01a.jpg, yourlastname01b.jpg, yourlastname01c.jpg
            Entry #2 – yourlastname02a.jpg, yourlastname02b.jpg, yourlastname02c.jpg
            • On online workshop will be offered in March providing helpful tips on how to photograph your artist’s books without professional photography equipment. Date and time TBA.
            • For additional information on preparing your images for submission, we suggest visiting 23 Sandy Gallery’s Photographing Your Artist Books Checklist

              Video (optional)

              We know that some books do not show to their best advantage in static displays or still images. If you would like to submit a video of your entry, the entry form will have a space for a link to a URL. The video must be posted on a public space like Vimeo or YouTube, accessible without a password or special login. (Still images of the book are still required for the catalog.)

              Note on Use of Images

              Entering this exhibition constitutes agreement that Puget Sound Book Artists, as well as Collins Memorial Library (University of Puget Sound) and Daniel J. Evans Library (The Evergreen State College), in their online documentation of the exhibit, may use your images for publicity purposes in either electronic or print format. Physical and digital exhibit catalogs will be produced, with the former available for purchase. Appropriate attribution will be included.  

              Insurance Waiver 

              The completed insurance waiver must be submitted online on or before delivery day of June 1. The artist’s books will be displayed in cases at the Collins Memorial Library, unless mutually agreed upon by the artist and the curators. (For artist’s books traveling on to TESC in the fall, a separate insurance waiver will be required at a later date.)


              Delivery and Pickup

              • Your work may be delivered in person between 1pm and 3pm on Saturday, June 1 to Collins Library, University of Puget Sound.
              • You may also mail your work. Details (mailing address and deadline for receipt of work) will be provided in the notification letter. Mailed work must include return postage.
              • The show will close August 1 and work may be picked up on Friday, August 2, time to be determined.
              List of Information Needed for Submission

                Edit and name your images and gather all of the following information prior to beginning the online submission process. 

                Personal Information

                • Name
                • Address
                • Phone number
                • Email
                • Do you want your email listed in the catalog?
                • Website (optional)
                • Press name (optional)
                • Social media (optional)
                • Number of works being submitted
                Entry Information (for works #1 & #2)
                • A minimum acceptance of one entry per artist is guaranteed. 
                • Title of book
                • Additional contributors (if applicable)
                • Structure/Medium/Materials in list format (200 character limit—includes spaces)
                • The suggested order for listing your materials as applicable is as follows: book structure, paper type(s), paint/ink type + method of application (i.e. hand-painted acrylic), other embellishments (i.e. beads, metal), binding materials, box, container type, materials used for box/container
                • Number of pages in book
                • Height
                • Width
                • Depth
                • If this is an accordion book, length when open or stretched out
                • Year created
                • This work is—unique or edition. If this is an edition, what is the size?
                • Artist Statement about this work (600 character limit) for inclusion in the catalog and on the exhibition label. By inputting your artist statement, you agree that PSBA may use it for exhibition purposes.
                • Option to include a link to a video or additional information about the book published on a public space
                  like Vimeo or YouTube, accessible without a password or special login. QR codes will be generated from
                  this link.
                • For artists who have original writing as an integral part of their book, an excerpt can be included on the submission entry form and may be integrated into the catalog if space permits. (1000 character limit)
                • Delivery method—via shipping or in-person drop off
                • Is the book for sale?
                • Return of book—in-person pick up, shipped back (prepaid postage required) or continuing on to TESC?
                • Photography attribution—name of photographer or “by artist”
                • Upload up to three images per entry.

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