Get Involved with PSBA!

The PSBA works because of the membership!  Board members play an active role in the development and leadership of the organization.  Board members should:

  •   Demonstrate a commitment to the organization and the community of book artists
  •  Prepare and attend board and committee meetings.  Take an active role by asking questions and following through on   assignments
  •   Participate in event and program planning
  •   Be willing to serve as an officer:  President, Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary,   Membership Coordinator or Web Administrator, or serve as an active member of a PSBA committee
  •  Have the ability to work well with others and to work collaboratively in a friendly and responsible manner.
  •  Be a current member of the organization
  •  Able to serve a two year term
  •  Interested in serving?  Contact any of the board members.

Please contact us at  to learn more about the Puget Sound Book Artists or if you have a question about our organization!

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